Review: Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy is about a group of girls who are chosen to learn how to be a proper princess in hopes of being selected to marry the prince. Does this remind me of The Selection? Yes. Are they anything alike? Not really. A common message in this book is about knowledge as power which is something I can absolutely get behind. The best part is that Shannon Hale actually manages to show the benefits of an education rather than just preaching about it. Also, this isn’t just about the education required to become a princess (it’s barely about that at all) but instead how knowledge can improve every aspect of your life.

Review: Fighting to Survive by Rhiannon Frater

Fighting to Survive Rhiannon Frater

Like the first book in this series, Fighting to Survive focuses more on the act of surviving the zombie apocalypse (no easy task) then on an overarching plot. There are plenty of smaller story-lines that bring all of the characters together and go a long way towards keeping readers invested and the action nonstop, the zombies do the rest of the work.

Review: Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt is Trapped Madeleine Roux

When picking books for my zombie feature, Allison Hewitt is Trapped was a pretty obvious choice for me. At the time of the zombie apocalypse, Allison works in a book store and then goes on to blog about her adventures. I was sold! Happily, for the most part this book is exactly what I was hoping for. Not only does the main characters love for literature come through, but she thankfully doesn’t actually remain trapped as that probably would have gotten a little stale.

Review: Married with Zombies by Jesse Peterson

Married with Zombies Jesse Peterson

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Married with Zombies, even after a few days to sit and mull it over. There were some very big pluses, and it’s definitely a pretty unique title within the zombie fiction genre. On the other hand, it broke a lot of the established rules in ways that didn’t always sit well with me. In the end though, I have to admit it’s a great addition to any zombie collection.

Review: The First Days by Rhiannon Frater

The First Days Rhiannon Frater

The First Days opens pretty horrifically and does a lot to set the tone of the book, but almost right away our two heroines are brought together and the awesomeness begins. Both Katie and Jenni struggle to figure out what’s going on but what’s really interesting is seeing how the people they encounter are reacting as the crisis unfolds, the zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly an easy thing to wrap your mind around.

Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan

Hidden Sophie Jordan

Ahh, I’m so sad this series is over. The Firelight series by Sophie Jordan is such a great YA reworking of Dragons that I really recommend Young Adult readers check this series out. Dragon people, plus epic twins… right up my alley and I’m really glad I found this series. To be fair, the final book probably had the least tension of the series for me and I found the ending a little lack luster, but I still really enjoyed it and am content with how the series concluded.

Review: The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

The Way We Fall Megan Crewe

The Way We Fall covers the slow spread of a contagious disease through a small island here in Canada. Unlike a lot of the plagues we see in apocalyptic fiction, and the slower pace actually managed to increase the tension tenfold. Kaelyn’s story was scary, sad and endearing all at once. Plus, Canadian! I picked up a copy in my book bag at World Fantasy Convention (and also got my hands on an ARC of the sequel).